Granite Peak || A Winter Playground

Winter is coming; wait who’s joking. It’s in full swing baby! 

Snowboarding has been our haven during the insanity of 2020 into this new year. Nothing gets you out of your head more than plummeting down a mountainside at warp speed or if you’re a beginner trying to fall gracefully down the slope- no shame; I am 100% a beginner. You’ve probably seen me scorpion myself on a blue square slope trying to look like a cool kid.

Learning to ski or snowboard; it’s a definite skill that takes time, patience and a lot of collected bruises before you even feel accomplished. But once you get it and it clicks; it’s like “YES! This is so fun!”  I have tried snowboarding a handful of times before, at different styles of mountains including everything from the Cascade Mountains in WA state to the Alps right beneath the shadow of the Matterhorn. This snowboarding season of 2020-2021 is the first full season where I am lucky enough to live seven minutes down the road from an amazing mountain and get to hone my skills. I am happy to say that this morning in our early AM session, it finally clicked. I was able to carve down a steep face at a decent speed and it felt like nothing I can really explain except – pure joy!


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Ragnar Race Energy Bites

Hello and happy “Stay At Home Sunday” because that’s a thing now. With everything going on in the world, I have reverted back to one of my favorite past times and that’s stress baking. Yep, nothing makes me feel better than honesty whipping of a batch of “whatever” and then sharing or eating that said…

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Disney Guide || je t’aime Disneyland Paris!

Ah Paris; arguably one of the most romantic cities on Earth with bonus points for having its own slice of magic…Disneyland Paris. We made a goal years ago to visit all six of the Disney Parks in our lifetime, so far we have checked off Disneyland California, Walt Disney World, Tokyo Disneyland and the subject…

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