Ragnar Race Energy Bites

Hello and happy “Stay At Home Sunday” because that’s a thing now. With everything going on in the world, I have reverted back to one of my favorite past times and that’s stress baking. Yep, nothing makes me feel better than honesty whipping of a batch of “whatever” and then sharing or eating that said “whatever”. Since sharing is a little bit out of the question with this virus going on, you can find Phillip and myself eating these little beauties every morning for breakfast for the foreseeable future!

Today’s “whatever” I decided to bake item is what I like to call; Ragnar Race Energy Bites. Now, before you’re all impressed thinking we ran a Ragnar Race– we did not. But we did volunteer to work at the one in Kona, Hawaii in 2016 and it was a blast! It was 24 hours of taking names, making sure people had what they needed and small amounts of food when we had time. These little energy bites were one of the items that kept us going that whole hot (90+ degree) summer day. I had whipped them up the night before knowing we would need some sort of food and I am so happy I did. Our cooler was getting raided when people found out we had these little goodies stashed away. They have become a regular in our house for pre and post workout snacks, quick breakfasts or road trip yummies!


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Disney Guide || je t’aime Disneyland Paris!

Ah Paris; arguably one of the most romantic cities on Earth with bonus points for having its own slice of magic…Disneyland Paris. We made a goal years ago to visit all six of the Disney Parks in our lifetime, so far we have checked off Disneyland California, Walt Disney World, Tokyo Disneyland and the subject…

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Valentine’s Day Lookbook

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Whether you’re single, very married or somewhere in the middle it’s a day to look at hot as you want! I pulled together a couple of my favorite looks for the day of love from a casual lunch date to drop dead whistle blowin’ hot (according to Phillip…

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