About Me


Oh hey, it’s you! Yes, you! 

Take a seat anywhere, i’m glad you’re here! 

Born in Wisconsin and raised a GB Packers fan; it feel it’s appropriate to begin with the fact that I am a cheese connoisseur. Everyone should eat cheese, unless you’re lactose intolerant- then please…don’t eat cheese. 

I have been married to my amazing husband, Phillip, for 7 years and together we have lived in 3 different states, moved 17 times; all with three dogs and a hedgehog. Our favorite; of course, being Hawaii where we learned how to surf and lived running away from lava. We currently reside in central Florida so yes, we love humidity. Phillip helps run this blog, takes all of the photos and is a general MacGyver at life- I got really lucky folks. 

We also have been entrepreneurs working from home for 3 years now and have loved (almost) every minute of it. Interested in our shop; click here! 

We take our interests very seriously. Food, Fun, Fashion and Family. Without those things, we aren’t us! So enjoy our little adventure thought this thing we call life. 

Again, if you have never had cheese; please do yourself a favor and go buy a wheel of smoked gouda. It will change your life. 

-xo Dana