Granite Peak || A Winter Playground

Winter is coming; wait who’s joking. It’s in full swing baby! 

Snowboarding has been our haven during the insanity of 2020 into this new year. Nothing gets you out of your head more than plummeting down a mountainside at warp speed or if you’re a beginner trying to fall gracefully down the slope- no shame; I am 100% a beginner. You’ve probably seen me scorpion myself on a blue square slope trying to look like a cool kid.

Learning to ski or snowboard; it’s a definite skill that takes time, patience and a lot of collected bruises before you even feel accomplished. But once you get it and it clicks; it’s like “YES! This is so fun!”  I have tried snowboarding a handful of times before, at different styles of mountains including everything from the Cascade Mountains in WA state to the Alps right beneath the shadow of the Matterhorn. This snowboarding season of 2020-2021 is the first full season where I am lucky enough to live seven minutes down the road from an amazing mountain and get to hone my skills. I am happy to say that this morning in our early AM session, it finally clicked. I was able to carve down a steep face at a decent speed and it felt like nothing I can really explain except – pure joy!

I have never felt more welcome trying to learn how to properly snowboard than I have at Granite Peak Ski Resort. While there are talented and skillful skiers and snowboarders whooshing and carving past you; there are equally a large number of beginners just cheering each other on and giving fist bumps as we fall next to each other. It’s an extremely welcoming atmosphere that encourages you to be social (while safely distant) and keep trying! 

I asked Phillip for some advice I could pass on (fun fact; he used to be a snowboarding and ski instructor at a ski resort in the Cascade Mountains) this is what he said :

-Have a ton of patience. Learning to ski or snowboard is no easy task especially if you’re tying to learn all by yourself. Getting a private lesson or going with someone who can help guide you and encourage you is the best way to go!

-Invest in some good equipment. The worst thing you can do is fall and hurt yourself, ruin the vibe and then never want to go again. Wear a helmet (all the cool kids do) and wrist guards aren’t a bad idea either! **Dana here: I sprained my wrist really bad this season on one of our first visits and am now 100% a part of the wrist guards are the best club** Wearing layers and either renting our buying warm but breathable snow gear is key. You’ll be surprised how warm you can get shredding the mountain!

-Don’t be intimidated. You 100% can do it. Period.

If we have learned anything in this past year, that literally nothing is impossible. We are capable of so much if we put our minds to it. A year ago, if you would have told me I would be successfully carving from heel to toe down a slope bigger than a bunny hill I would have laughed in your face. With some help from an amazing instructor (** cheers to my amazing husband, Phillip**), a ridiculously fun and welcoming mountain and a lot of perseverance; here we are.

I am going to brag a little on our home mountain here; there are a large amount of accommodations Granite Peak offers to make your first, second or hundredth time skiing or snowboarding amazing. Between private lessons, fun festivals that involve scavenger hunts and fireworks to four different terrain parks and 200 acres of fresh powder- what’s stopping you? 

Greg Fischer, Manager of Granite Peak Ski Resort recently published a blog and announced online this amazing gesture that just made me beam to be supporting and visiting such a thoughtful and welcoming mountain. 

“As a little token of our gratitude to all First Responders out there who have risked their lives to give care to those who are ill or have battled the COVID-19 pandemic we are pleased to offer for this season only – 50% OFF all day lift tickets and rentals to all First Responders on Fridays.  This offer is available to all US first responders and emergency personnel – including law enforcement, EMTs, paramedics, medical professionals, firefighters and military personnel.  In order to receive this discount you must show ID at a designated First Responder ticket window and we will verify your status through Sheer ID.

We’ll also give each first responder a cool Red Granite Peak Buff to have while they are here so that you, I, our staff can simply say thank you.”

If you’re looking for that safe escape to be adventurous, meet some new people, learn a new sport or hone your skills; Granite Peak is waiting for you. I promise, you will not be disappointed by the outstanding experience you will have here, the staff smiling through their masks making you feel welcome and the rush of fresh snow whooshing past you as you carve down the mountain. Or fall with style- it’s kind of a choose your adventure moment, you know?

You can purchase tickets online and ahead of time or at the window to experience the slopes of Granite Peak.  Not to mention, the beauty of Wausau, WI as there are so many eateries and close accommodations to explore and relax in. **cough cough- fresh cheese curds and snowboarding are a match made in heaven**

Still curious about what Granite Peak has in store for you? Click here to visit their website and check it out! 

See you on the slopes! Look for the girl carving **somewhat** gracefully down the mountain.

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