Hair || How I Curl my Stick Straight Hair

Like my hair? Gee thanks, just curled it.

This is the diary of a girl with stick straight hair. It doesn’t curl, or bounce, or do that slow-mo magical thing like commercials advertise that make you think “you too can have magical unicorn hair that flows in the wind!”. Nope. It just sits there.


I took it upon myself to actually learn how to curl my hair. I literally always asked my college roommate to do it for me because my hair skills started and ended at french braids or a straightener. I also had the worst bangs of all time but that’s a story for another day. **internal shudder**

I tried a LOT of different curling irons; self spinning, old school clamp, wavers and nothing really worked. My hair just wouldn’t hold the curl without 40 lbs of hairspray and then I just felt crunchy. Ew. When curling wands became a thing, my first thought was HA! like this will work. I’ll buy the cheap-o Target brand and see how this goes.

The hair gods must have been smiling on me that day (or they were tired of looking at my hot mess express hair) for low and behold- that shit worked. I couldn’t believe it. My curls had stayed all day through working a double shift waitressing at Applebee’s. This was success folks. Mixing and matching this success with different hairsprays and serums proved a miracle as I found a humidity fighting drug store spray that helped keep those curls for not even joking 72 HOURS. It seemed too good to be true folks but here we are.

So! I’ve done the hard work here and found my little treasure box of hair items that keep my thick, stick-straight hair curly for 72 hours without a ton of effort! I filmed a little tutorial below showing exactly how I manage this miracle! I’ve also linked all the hair tools I use here if you want to give it a try for yourself! I see lots of good hair days in our future friends!!

 (click the link below to watch the tutorial!)

How I curl my stick straight hair



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