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Let’s get down to business…to defeat; boredom.

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Welcome to my home office. This is where I sit to write all my blog posts, send out emails for both Aloha Ears and It’s Dana Perkins, film all my live streams and generally do a lot of my online shopping (looking at you Amazon). Offices tend to have a negative connotation associated with boredom, shades of the blandest gray and uncomfortable sitting chairs. Obviously, that didn’t apply when I designed this space where I spend at least 4 hours a day.

I knew I wanted to have a space filled with happy things that encourage me to want to be in said space. Emails are boring enough as it is; then add a chair that makes you need to have a chiropractor on speed dial and dull colors that literally make you OD on Vitamin D supplements to shake the sadness away; I don’t think so. Offices should be a fun place full of inspiration and comfort; full of things that just make you smile and actually want to be at work.

Looking at my office, you can see I stayed away from pretty much anything resembling a cubicle that is doused in the three saddest shades of gray. I went instead for a sandy pink with pops of mint, copper and gold. My OCD loves having white furniture. My OCD also hates having white furniture but that’s a struggle for another day.

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The things I have on my desk are my absolute necessities, whether it be for organization or for inspiration- they all have a purpose. Clutter on your desk can literally translate into a cluttered mind and you might find it more difficult to focus on a certain task. Everyone is different though as Phillip thrives in a hectic workspace where I need everything just so. Enter OCD stage right.

Top three things you can always find at my desk: 

-My Planner. Holy cow I could not function without one. Ever since middle school when you were required to have one, I have thrived by filling in my “need to do’s” and “don’t forgets”. I know there are these wonderful things called phones where we can have a planner in them but there is something about physically writing my lists down that just helps me focus. My nerd is sticking out, I should probably tuck that back in.

-Water. I’ve been trying to drink more water this past year and having my Yeti constantly by my side has helped with that goal a TON. Also, does anyone else feel like they drink more water when they use a straw? Just me? Ok. Well, cheers to hydrating and health!

-Photo of Phillip. This is probably not a shock to most of you but I really love my husband. Having a photo of him right there reminds me the at the end of the day, I always have him. He is literally my anchor; always there to support me and help in whatever hair brained business venture I start. Also, that photo is specifically pictured because for once he didn’t photobomb the camera with his middle finger; thanks babe. You da best.

Onward Poster 

Remember that thing I said about having items in your office that just make you happy and laugh? There is a story behind the “Onward” poster. Two years ago, Phillip got me this poster for a Christmas present. Upon opening it I was slightly confused but of course laughed because…well look at it. It’s a freaking pirate giraffe riding a shark. He looked at me and said ” I wanted to get a self portrait of us done but this was already perfect. You’re the giraffe and I’m the shark. Forever Onward we go babe.”  I couldn’t stop laughing.

Alpaca Print : Home goods | Piñata Llama | Disney Books | Popcorn Bucket: Tokyo DL | Hello Neon Lamp 

If you didn’t already know, my favorite animal and spirit animal is also an alpaca. They’re cute and fluffy and can wear fun pom pom clothes until you piss them off and they spit at you. This is also me. I’ve accepted it. So, in this little happy corner of my office on top of my filing cabinet, I have a little shrine to these adorable animals as a daily reminder to “be myself; rock those pom poms and try not to spit at people.”  Layered in of course is some Disney Coffee Table books I gain  lot of inspiration from as well as a grapefruit candle because 1. it’s the best scent ever and so cleansing…2. who doesn’t love candles.

Last little bit of my office tour includes my favorite piece of furniture ever, my Pink Ikea couch. This little spot is where Lucy lays all day and sighs at me until I pet her. Ironically, she wasn’t in this picture because she was busy barking at literally nothing outside. Seems about right. It’s a great, comfortable place to plan all my social media, talk with Phillip about the work day or take a smallish nap when the mood strikes. Perks of working from home and being your own boss I guess.

Hopefully, this inspires you to glow up your office! Whether it be a cubicle (gray can be made fun and happy with the right accessories!) or a home office thats missing a nap couch. Your office should reflect the person you want to be: inspiring, happy, full of positivity and humor.


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  1. I’m just now decorating my brand new office at my new job, so this post was perfect timing!! I do have gray furniture, but am excited to add pops of color to it. The floors and walls are also white, so it helps! I like grey, blue and white. But, for more color, what combos would you choose??

    • Oh fun!! You have some great neutrals to work with so I would definitely add your color in with pops of copper or gold for a metallic shine and then maybe some sage green, and light pink with your blues?

  2. I’m super jealous of your office! We’re building a house and I’m finally getting my own office, and I’m totally going to take some inspiration from your gorgeous space!

    • YES!! that’s s exciting!! Right happy colors always make such a huge difference!!