Sunday Morning Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls. Delicious spicy and sweet flavors all rolled into cute little toasted buns. As I wrote that, all I pictured was a cinnamon roll on a Mexican beach tanning his bum while drinking a pina colada. You’re welcome for that image. 

This gem of a recipe has been in my family for a couple years now and it has proven its weight in not only in gold, but in those strange noises you can’t help but make when you eat something that’s nothing short of pure ecstasy. It’s awkward for everyone but no judgement is passed. 

Keys to a perfect cinnamon roll in my family; a slight crunch on the crusty outside with a soft gooey inside that melts in your mouth all covered with an exorbitant amount of cream cheese frosting. It’s not exactly healthy; so let’s get that out of the way right now. 

These cinnamon rolls are more of a sweet biscuit where some cinnamon rolls can be more of a sweet roll that’s flaky. These are definitely more of a dense bread, so if that’s not your jam- I won’t judge you if you skip on. 

Well, maybe a little bit because these are effing delicious and you’re missing out. 

Without further adu, the best cinnamon rolls I have ever had…sorry not sorry Cinnabon.

Kitchen Aid | Pajamas | Baking Containers 


BAKE @ 425  FOR 20-25 MIN (if you like them more on the gooey side stay towards 20 min) | PREP TIME 20 MIN | TOTAL TIME 45 MIN 



2 cups of flour 

2 tsp. white granulated sugar

2 tsp. baking powder 

1/2 tsp. salt 

1 1/4 cup heavy whipping cream 


1 Tbsp. butter ( I find that melted is way to deal with it) 

2 Tbsp. light brown sugar 

2 tsp. cinnamon 


1. Preheat oven to 425 

2. Mix biscuit ingredients in a stand mixer until well mixed and one solid ball. 

3. Lightly flour surface of cutting board or flat surface; knead dough until smooth and roll out flat on floured surface until about 1/2 inch thick and a rectangular shape. 

**Helpful tip: flour your rolling pin as well, this prevents the dough from sticking to the rolling pin which is the biggest pain the a** ever. 

4. Make cinnamon filling by adding brown sugar and cinnamon to small bowl. Once mixed add melted butter and stir immediately. Don’t panic- it will be a sticky lumpy mess. 

5. Use knife to spread cinnamon filling mixture over the entire flattened dough. Make sure you get it all over including to all the edges. This ensures that delicious sweet cinnamon taste in every bite. 

6. Starting with one end (I start with the shortest side) start rolling a tight cylinder roll until you reach the other side. Tuck in the ends of the roll so the filling doesn’t bake out.

**Helpful tip: If you start with the shortest side this makes the most swirls and the fattest rolls. 

7. One you have your beautiful roll, admire it, pat yourself on the back and then cut the roll into  2” slices. It should make about 8 rolls 

8. Place the rolls into a greased pie pan or shallow quiche dish. 

9. Bake until slightly light browned. If you touch the top, they should deflate a little bit but still be gooey on the inside. 



1/2 cup (1 stick)  salted butter

8 oz. (1 block) cream cheese (not low fat; treat yo self) 

4 cups of powdered sugar (you can use less if you want it not as sweet but it’s frosting so…)

3 tsp. vanilla extract 


1. Combine butter and cream cheese in a stand mixer.

2. Slowly add powdered sugar 2 cup at a time. 

**Helpful tip: do not have the stand mixer on warp speed at this point. Unless you love cleaning up messes… 

3. Once blended well and there are no lumps of cheese or butter, add in vanilla until combined well. 

4. While the cinnamon rolls are still hot, spoon frosting onto each roll and watch as it deliciously melts over the top and down the sides. 

5. Give yourself a self five because you just made the most delicious cinnamon rolls ever. 

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