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” A good stylist is cheaper than a good therapist” -Anonymous

My hair is one of my most treasured items. It’s my security blanket and also my blanket when I’m cold. If I talk to it nicely it will also do what I want it to do, but mostly it comes with using the right products…not so much the talking.

BUT. You may have seen, I recently CHOPPED IT ALL OFF! It was time for a change and well, now’s a better time than any!

I’ve rounded up 7 of my tried and true hair care items and while they might not make your magic hair glow when you sing- they will add a serious amount of shine and strength!

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OGX Thick + Full plus Biotin and Collagen
Shampoo and Conditioner Magic
I never put much stock into shampoo and conditioner; if it cleaned my hair, great. THEN I started looking into what went into most shampoos and ummm the same ingredients that are in brake cleaner fluid?! How about no. This brand has 100% healthy ingredients that won't harm your hair and I can honestly say I feel the difference! Phillip uses this brand too and loves it; it's actually made his hair thicker too! #win
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OGX Dry Shampoo
welcome to your new best friend
Somedays...or many days...there isn't time to wash your hair. We've all been there and thank goodness for dry shampoo. I love this brand and it adds so much volume and freshness to dirty hair. An added bonus; there is a wonderful cooling effect on your scalp too!
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Coil Hair Ties
Hair breakage will be a thing of the past!
My hairdresser got me hooked on these guys after I had some insane breakage around the crown of my hair resulting in a strange unicorn-like hair every day. These coils produce thick, volumous ponytails, fluffy buns and don't break your hair (or the bank!)
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Conical Curling Wand
Beach Waves or Beach Goddess??
Gone are the days of old school curling irons and here to make hair dreams come true are curling wands! I have used mine for the past 3 years and LOVE IT! No more crimped ends but instead even curls that shine and stay! **I LOVE this curling wand on my long hair but prefer a normal 1" curling iron for my short hair to make easy beach waves!
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Climate Protection Hairspray
My best kept secret
FAQ for me: how do you get your curls to stay in the FL heat. Answer: this. You're welcome.
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Oaui Leave In Conditioner Spray
aka your other new best friend
Sometimes your hair just gets a little brittle after a lot of curling or top knots; enter this miracle! Spray a bit on the ends and up to about ear height for restored moisture and strength!
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Moroccan Treatment Mask
Treat Yo Self
I use this magical jar of goodness every two weeks and it leaves my hair so soft and shiny it's almost unbelievable! Use it instead of a conditioner and leave it in for 5-10 min for seriously soft locks!
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