Hair || Top Knot Tutorial

Top Knot it like it’s Hot.

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Top knots have been around long before the 2013 evolution of the “man bun” and long before Ariana Grande. They’ve actually been around since the 1300’s when the Maori (who migrated to New Zealand in the early 1250’s) wore them as a sign of status called the “tiki tiki”. You learn something new everyday!

Now a days, the top knot bun is worn more for a “I haven’t washed my hair today so this is what’s happening” style. Or maybe that’s just me….either way it’s a good look! You can achieve this easy 2 minute “do” in under 2 minutes with only a clear binder and three bobby pins. I can’t think of an easier hairstyle. Name one; i’ll wait.

Ok, a ponytail but STILL Y’ALL.

Here is my easy tutorial on how I make this top knot happen in a “stay all day” fashion. Let me know if you try it in the comments or what other types of hair tutorials you would love to see!

Let’s have a great hair day friends!




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